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After Hours

After Hours

After Hours is the perfect curated collection to enjoy cheeses from Point Reyes as dessert.  We've included insanely delicious TCHO chocolate and decadent CA dried figs to highlight the cheese offerings.  This sweet and savory selection includes some unexpected pairings that are sure to please all taste buds:  Gouda with Milk Chocolate, TomaRashi with Dark Chocolate, Bay Blue with Dried California Figs... and best of all Bay Blue goes GREAT with both chocolates as well!

The pack includes:

  • 8oz Aged Gouda
  • 4oz TCHO 54% Milk Chocolate
  • 6oz TomaRashi
  • 4oz TCHO 68% Dark Chocolate
  • 6oz Bay Blue
  • 6oz CA Dried Figs
  • Cheese Knife

Note:  In rare cases, in order to ensure prompt delivery, we may need to substitute items of equal value

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