Taking Care of What Takes Care of Us

Our land has been very good to us and we consider it our duty and honor to return the favor. We recently installed a methane digester that converts all our methane gas – the unavoidable by product of manure – into useable energy that powers our dairy and cheese plant operations. We’ve also adopted cutting-edge technology to assist with waste management, water quality, pasture management, animal husbandry and our cheese making operation. After all, keeping our land and our environment healthy is the best way to ensure a whole new generation of Giacominis will be here on the farm, happily making cheese 100 years from now.


You Can Taste the Terroir

When the early morning fog rolls in from the Pacific, it lightly salts our sleepy pastures. This lush, certified-Organic grass accounts for the majority of our cows’ diet. However, we also add our own special mixture of all-natural goodies to each animal’s diet. It keeps our cows happy and healthy year-round. Small wonder our cheeses taste so good.