It's a Family Affair

You could say our love of cheese is inherited. In 1904, Great Grandfather Tobias Giacomini left
Northern Italy and landed in Northern California with a dream of raising chickens and cows. Here
we are, over 100 years later, and we're still a family of passionate farmers, doing what we love.
Our family's journey started in 1938 when Grandfather Waldo moved his family to Point Reyes,
where Bob was raised. In 1959 with his new bride Dean, Bob purchased our dairy farm (only 3
miles north of his parent's farm) to sell milk to the local creamery. Bob and Dean started with
150 cows and raised the herd to over 500 by the mid 1990s. They also raised four daughters.



Bob had a dream to make cheese, but needed a little help to make it a reality. Karen, Diana,
Lynn and Jill came back to the farm (leaving various business careers behind) to produce an
artisanal product that we could offer across the country.

Our family’s goal was to create something that would combine our mutual appreciation of farm
fresh food, our love for the land where we were raised, and our desire to keep our family’s legacy
alive for future generations. The dream was realized in August 2000, when the first wheels of
Original Blue, California’s only classic style blue cheese, were made.

Today, in addition to our award winning cheeses, we have expanded our business again. We
now offer farm-to-table educational experiences at The Fork, our extraordinary new culinary and
educational center.


Our Team

Our award-winning cheese is special for many reasons, probably none more important than our
fabulous team of employees, who to us are family. Our Herdsman, our Milkers, our Calf-Raisers,
our Cheesemakers, our Packaging Department, our Controller, our Farmers’ Market Staff to
name just a few . . . they all contribute to producing our wonderful milk, making our hand-crafted
cheese and bringing our products to market.