It's All About the Milk

What makes our cheese at Point Reyes Farmstead so unique? The answer is simple – it’s the milk. As a true farmstead cheese producer, we use only Grade A milk from our family‘s herd of cows raised from birth right on the property where the cheese is made, which means we have complete control over its quality from start to finish. It also means you’ll never taste the same unique flavors anywhere else.


Our Whey with Curds

Under the guidance of Kuba Hemmerling, our Cheese-Guy-in-Charge, the cheese making crew create complex, flavorful products that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Starting each morning around 4am, the vats are filled with fresh milk. After cultures and enzymes are added, the curds are formed and cut. The whey is then drained and the cheese forms are filled with curds. After the curds knit together, the wheels can be handled and removed from the forms. Then they are either hand-salted or placed in a salt-water brine. The cheese is then cured and aged and checked by hand. The cheese is not released to market until each batch is evaluated (and tasted!) as perfect.