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Shadybrook Custom Collection 3 + Zoom Tasting July 16th, 2020

Shadybrook Custom Collection 3

Enjoy three different-but-equally-delicious handcrafted cheeses during this exclusive tasting with Shadybrook Estate Wines on Facebook Live, July 16th, 2020.

Orders will ship the week of July 13th.  In order for your cheese to arrive in time for this tasting event, please order with Overnight shipping by Monday July 13th 11:59PM PDT, or where applicable with FedEx Ground by Sunday July 12th 11:59PM PDT.

TomaRashi: With its blend of heat, umami and nutty flavors, is a total standout in our new Toma with Attitude lineup. The key to the flavor is Schichimi Togarashi, a Japanese spice blend containing nori, toasted sesame, poppy and hemp seeds, chili flakes and ginger. The result is a gentle heat that warms your palate gradually, making you want more! (Two 6oz wedges included.)

Gouda: Part of our Library Collection, Gouda is hand-crafted using traditional methods and is one of the most-special cheeses we produce. It is creamy in texture but slightly crystalized, delivering pops of complex flavor. You'll enjoy deep flavors of toasted hazelnuts, caramel, butterscotch and cooked cream. (Two 8oz wedges included.)

Quinta*: The newest addition to our Library Collection, this soft-ripened, bloomy rind beauty is modeled after a very famous, seasonally made cheese called Vacherin Mont d’Or from Switzerland, near the border of France close to the mountain d'Or.

Made on the farm from pasteurized cows’ milk, the wheel is wrapped in Spruce bark and is meant to be enjoyed at room temperature in a single sitting by removing the top rind and digging in with a small spoon or cheese spreader.  The texture is silky-smooth and easily spoonable.  The rind is fluffy yet slightly firm. 

The flavor is rich with creamy butter in the beginning and expands to notes of woodsy mustard and wild mushrooms in the finish.  These flavors intensify as you enjoy the cheese closer to the bark-wrapped perimeter.  The flavor of the rind is delicious with even more earthy, mushroomy notes.  (One 10oz wheel included.)

*Quinta will be available for the first 50 orders. In the case that your order is after the first 50 gift packs, we may substitute a cheese in place of Project X. 

Wine Pairings:  2016 Estate 'V' Red Blend, 2016 Malbec & 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon

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